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Video Samples
“Before we released the video, our numbers were below what we had expected them to be. After releasing the video, we immediately saw a bump in registrations. This was one of the most successful PRSA conferences on record. We honestly believe that because of this video, our [attendance] numbers were phenomenal.”
Marisa Valbona

Public Relations, CIM Incorporated

“I wanted to create an edge that I know no one else has done. The school had never seen a production like this. We raised $500,000 for our school.”

Belinda D.

Parent & Volunteer Event Coordinator, La Jolla Country Day School

“[Being interviewed on camera] was easy. It was comfortable. Jeff just asked me questions. People said, ‘Wow! The energy of what you do was captured.'”
Stephanie Sanders

Master Educator, Chopra Center

“Prior to this video, we had approximately 11 volunteer massage and energy therapists. We were able to DOUBLE our number. All that was accomplished with one tool: this video that was created for us.”

Kim Heinrichs

Executive Director for Volunteer Resources, San Diego Hospice

“All video production,
graphic design and other
miscellaneous marketing
services are $150/hour”
I have a specific budget for my video project. Can you work with me?

MISSION MEDIA: We can! Providing value to our clients is our #1 priority; and we think we’re pretty darn good at it.

Okay. How much is a video?

MISSION MEDIA: All video production, graphic design and other miscellaneous marketing services are $150/hour.

Sounds reasonable. How much for, say, a 3-minute video?

MISSION MEDIA: This is a tricky question to answer. Because every video is so different, we really need to learn a little more about the needs of your project and then we can provide a more accurate estimate for you.

How do you offer value over the other guys?

MISSION MEDIA: Let’s start with experience. We’ve been producing truth-inspired video marketing for our clients since 2007. Before that, we started our education in the world of video back in 1995 through every outdated medium we could get our hands on: linear video editing on 3/4″ tapes, splicing student projects together on Super-8 film, producing promotional videos by request of Commanding Officers while serving in the Navy. With those decades of experience, we want to help you build an authentic connection with your audience. Pricewise, you can trust that one hour of billable editing time, for example, is usually MUCH more productive for us than someone who may still be learning the software. Also, once a project is complete, the finished video(s) will be yours to keep. There’s no hidden fees or usage restrictions. And by working hand-in-hand with our clients, we’re able to provide the most cost-effective price for a high quality product that will help you produce results.

That last part sounds good. Can you tell me more about how I can work hand-in-hand with you to reduce your billable hours?

MISSION MEDIA: Sure. When a client is interested in working together, we love to involve them as a co-producer however they’d like to get involved. For example, if you’d like to review the raw video footage to select the best video takes, that can cut down dramatically on the billable hours for video editing. Or maybe you’d like to help out during the shoot to keep track of the best takes. Every little bit helps us to get to a final cut even sooner.

Perfect. How do I get started?

MISSION MEDIA: Awesome! Please contact us at (619) 808-5733 or through our contact form below. After a chat by phone or over coffee, we’ll be happy to draft up a free estimate for you.

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