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Google Keyword Tool

You could spend weeks reading about how to research the best keywords and $100’s of monthly fees testing all the keyword tools out there. Because the rules of internet marketing are always changing, it’s probably not the kind of thing someone can master overnight. If you’re not able to afford a company that specializes in SEO services, my recommendation for choosing keywords yourself is 3-part:

  1. Use Google’s free Keyword Tool to search for keywords that could appeal to a niche audience and start building your list.
  2. Pick keyword phrases that are specific and avoid adding words to your list that are too general. General keywords/phrases will most likely be too competitive for you to make it to the first page of search engines and will be too generic to drive qualified leads anyway.
  3. Incorporate the keywords from your list into your YouTube video’s title, description and tags. Note: if you’re adding a hyperlink in your description, be sure to include the full URL (including the “http://”) so it will be clickable, and remember that viewers will only see the first 4 lines of your description before they have to click the “More Info” link.