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Sure, paperless society sounds great, but is it possible that our efforts could be causing more harm than good? Consider this: 50% of all recycled e-waste goes to China. When you hear the word “recycle,” you probably think you’re doing good for the planet, but it seems to me that all we’re doing is dumping our trash into our neighbor’s back yard. I wanted to start this blog to open a dialogue on what can be done to help this issue of waste and pollution. My song, YOU GOT ENOUGH, was inspired by many of the images seen in the documentary, “Manufactured Landscapes”. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a collection of clips from the film and I promise that these 10 minutes will forever change the way you look at the world. (Click image below to view the movie.)

Here’s the question I pose: if we’re using less paper, we’re helping the environment, right? But what if being paperless means that people are using more computers and, thereby, throwing away more of their old computer parts? From watching the clip above, you’ll see that “recycling” e-waste is really doing nothing more than polluting a third world country. Are the new electronics that make us more advanced essentially creating new hazards to the health of our planet and ourselves? And, if so, does anyone have ideas about how we can minimize or, better yet, reverse the damage we’re doing?