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AUTHOR’S NOTE: When this article was first published, the iPhone 3GS was the latest model. As of today, the latest iPhones are now shooting in 4K video, which is 4 TIMES the resolution of 1080p HD video. This is a massive improvement in mobile phone technology and will make it hard to for any other compact video camera to compete in the consumer (or even prosumer) market. 


Wanted to pass this along for anyone looking to buy a new consumer-level video camera to start producing more web video. This camera shootout (a term to refer to a side-by-side comparison of different video cameras) comes to us by the producer of Maccast.com, which is based right here in San Diego.

The host, Adam, says he prefers the footage from the Flip, but my vote goes for the iPhone 3GS. It’s hard to tell a difference in the wide shot of the beach, but the close-up of the rocks makes it a little easier to draw a distinction between the three.

Post a comment and let us know which you prefer, or, if you’re already shooting with one of these cameras, let us know. How do you like it?

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