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I’m proud to announce that I’ve officially given ustream a try and we did a live stream of a meeting last night for Media Communicators Association International on the topic of Green Video Production. Check it out below to see. We took things a step further than the typical video stream by lifting the camera off the tripod for a video tour of Brent Altomare’s studio during the first part of the meeting so he could share with us the green initiatives he’s taken with his company.

While the tour happened, our live audience was able to watch from their seats as we projected the ustream website onto the wall where they were sitting. After the tour was finished, we switched the projected image to our wiffiti.com wall. Wiffiti is a site that allows people to create a custom wall for people to tweet and text in messages that will pop up in real-time (almost).

Special thanks to Jim Staylor for his excellent Glidecam skills for the shooting of this footage.

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