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This is a very comprehensive list by Entrepreneur Magazine. The biggest reason in my book is #7 in their list: using Facebook to create brand evangelists for your company. While Yelp may be a place for people to complain about a business, you will rarely find anything negative posted to a Facebook fan page. Fan pages are a place for fans to rave, so you’re missing out if you don’t provide a place for them to do that.

THE UNLISTED TIP #11: One tip that wasn’t mentioned is the power of creating a vanity URL for your Facebook page. What is that? I’m glad you asked. A “vanity URL” is a customized web address you can give people so they’re able to go directly to your facebook page. For example, I include in my email signature a call-to-action that reads, “Become a fan of us at http://www.facebook.com/missionmedia. To create a vanity URL, first you’ll need to obtain 25 fans (not hard to do if you invite all your friends of your personal profile and any previous clients). Once you have 25 fans, you’ll be ready to register a vanity URL for your Facebook page and start promoting it around town.

To read the entire article, go to http://www.entrepreneur.com/microsites/websmarts/article204492.html.

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