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I’m still deciding who I’ll be voting for, but wanted to share this video with everyone because it seemed to make some good points about McCain. As a forewarning, I’ll say this: I’m still undecided who I’m voting for, so I’m sharing this video because I like how it takes news clips of McCain and OBJECTIVELY compares them all to one another without bashing him the way that someone like Michael Moore would do with Bush.

Overall, I think that this type of video is exactly what we all need to see in order to evaluate both candidates without any media spin and without trying to decipher some of the vague things we hear candidates saying in the presidential debates. If someone knows of a video like this that analyzes Obama, let’s post that here also. People are usually so gunshy about talking politics that I think we’re missing out on truly understanding both sides before casting our vote. Whatever your views, I’d love to hear your thoughts. At the very least, it will help me decide how I should vote next month.

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