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In an article entitled The Secret Weapon of Advertising we are reminded that jingles, regardless of how cheesy they may come across, are undeniably memorable. A few of my personal favorites are:

  • 588-2300… Empire!
  • The More You Know…
  • And anything by the guys from FreeCreditReport.com

This is a concept that I’ve overlooked with my own web videos and now I feel a renewed inspiration to work it in. As a business owner, I know the frustration of delivering your tagline to people and seeing them still struggle to remember it. But it makes total sense that our audience will have much better luck at remembering a melody first.

The jingle concept makes me think of my favorite songs and how they usually start as my favorites because of the instrumentation and melody. Over time and repeated listens, it’s only later that I take the time to pick up on the actual words the artist is saying.

Bottom line: appeal to people’s emotions first with music or a compelling story and slip in your marketing message in an unassuming, understated way. That way, when the time comes that your audience needs you most, they’ll have you on their mental speed dial.

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