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Everyone loves a good deal. Since video production is notorious for a high rate of sticker shock, you might assume that you just can’t afford to have a video professionally made. Before you give up on video altogether, here are 4 tips on how you can negotiate the best price on a professional video.

  1. Have a budget. Seems obvious, right? By establishing a dollar range that you’re comfortable with ahead of time, it will force you and your producer to find creative ways to stay within that budget.
  2. Begin with the end in mind. Always take the time to consider who is your target audience and what is the desired message you hope to communicate to them. Having a focus from the beginning can avoid wasting money on footage and special effects that never make it into the final cut.
  3. Get involved. Ask you producer if there are any ways you can assist in the production to lower the billable hours you’ll be charged.
  4. Develop a shooting schedule. Most big budget movies are shot out-of-sequence in order to save money; and your small production should use the same strategy. A few minutes spent developing a simple shotlist can save you hours out on location.

Hope that helps. Happy shooting!